Dr. Ankita Katre, DST-INSPIRE faculty at CMS, Pune

Dr Ankita Katre is a DST-INSPIRE faculty at Centre for Modeling & Simulation, Savitribai Phule Pune University. She completed her PhD in the field of computational materials science from ICAMS, Germany as Max Planck PhD Fellow in 2015. She was then working as post-doctoral research associate in CEA-Grenoble, France before coming back to India.

Research Interests

Her research interests broadly revolve around 'Renewable and Sustainable Energy Alternatives' and she focuses on computationally designing nanomaterials for energy applications using theories of quantum physics.

Current work

Her current area of interest is ‘heat conduction in nanomaterials’ and these studies give valuable insights for solving important problems such as excessive heating of electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones and laptops), and conversion of energy wasted in the form of heat to reusable form such as electricity. Her work is in close collaboration with scientists from India, Europe and U.S.A and to date she has authored 17 research articles published in international peer-reviewed journals. More information on her research

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